Nothing To Lose 3 


From the Bandstand to the Temple of Solomon: A Faith That Transforms

The sequel to the best-selling book in Brazil in 2013


The biography that conquered millions of readers across the world comes to its final volume. Nothing To Lose 3 is the last installment of an emotional journey of renunciation and persistence, which includes memories and never before seen photos, revealing one of today's strongest movements of faith.


The book details moving stories from a man who has triumphed over adversity to reach and inspire millions of followers, including those in some of the most remote places on the planet. As a Brazilian preacher of humble origin, Edir Macedo starts his solitary mission at a public square in Rio de Janeiro. Thirty-seven years later, he is leading a church that is present in more than 100 countries. How were those boundaries expanded? How were the differences of language, ethnicity and culture overcome?


Answers to these and other questions are found in this, the latest book of the memoirs of Edir Macedo. With touching testimonies, he opens the doors of his home to the reader and speaks about a precious gift: his family. He reveals the secrets of his marriage and captures intimate moments with stories of love and loyalty. We learn how his wife's support was essential to him in overcoming every stage of difficulty and discouragement.


The book contains behind the scenes views of the memorable inauguration of the Temple of Solomon in the words of the man who conceived of its construction. Readers will learn the meanings and inspirations of a work that would become a landmark in the history of religion.


The lessons of trust. The victory over defeat. The dreams tranformed into reality. The final part of the best-selling autobiography of recent times.